"If I accept the fact that my relationships are here to make me conscious, instead of happy, then my relationships become a wonderful self-mastery tool that keeps realigning me with my higher purpose for living." 

 Eckhart Tolle




Cross-cultural couples service helps couples with different backgrounds to develop mindful and respectful communication styles (verbal & non-verbal), value systems, interaction patterns, and conflict management skills. I support couples to co-create their own relationship values and family culture, as well as a mutual relationship vision and goals to enhance cultural understanding, intimacy, love.




Pre-marriage coaching supports couples to be ready for a strong, healthy, and satisfying marriage. Preparing for a wedding is a lot of work and also stirs up a lot of emotions. Unresolved emotions about parents and family, past loves and concerns about the person you have chosen come to the surface to be explored. I support you to experience this joyous and yet anxiety-provoking, or confusing period to be a growth and transformative process.




Same-sex couples face similar ups and down as heterosexual couples. There are also unique difficulties and challenges that result from family circumstances, workplace prejudice, or other social barriers. Same-sex couples work supports you and your partner to develop loving ways to express positive feelings and "we-ness," as well as constructive ways to deal with negativity, chaos, and disappointment.

I offer this service both face-to-face and online to make it available to couples anywhere in the world. 



I'm Kay (Kyoung-Mi) Choi, professor, diversity educator, and intercultural relationship coach. Based on my professional experience in different countries (Korea, Egypt, South Africa, France, India, and Bangladesh) and my personal experience being in a cross-cultural/same-sex marriage, I am passionate about supporting individuals and couples from diverse cultural backgrounds. I am currently teaching counseling at California State University (CSU). My wife and I share the same passion for personal growth and social justice. We curate a Flipboard magazine titled International Safe Zone with news about LGBTQ+ rights, activism and coming out stories from around the world. We enjoy traveling, biking, art and meditation.