Love is a mindful journey of becoming who I truly am.

Kyoung Mi Choi, Ph.D.


Intergenerational Relationship

Understanding your family history and dynamics as well as processing unresolved emotions about parents, family and childhood experiences are crucial for personal and professional growth. Intergenerational Relationship Work supports you to reconnect with HEALING, VISION, and LOVE within you.


Cross-Cultural Relationship

Cross-cultural Relationship Work helps individuals with different backgrounds to develop mindful and respectful communication styles (verbal & non-verbal), value systems, interaction patterns, and conflict management skills. I support Individuals/couples to recreate relationship values and family culture, as well as a mutual relationship vision and goals to enhance cultural understanding, intimacy, love.


Same-Sex Relationship

Same-Sex Relationship Work supports you when facing unique difficulties and challenges that result from family circumstances, workplace prejudice, or other social & cultural barriers. Same-sex relationship Work helps you and your partner to develop loving ways to express positive feelings as well as constructive ways to deal with negativity, chaos, and disappointment from external sources.